The Model

Accelerating Good Government Through Great Technology

State and local governments in the US spend nearly $100B on technology every year; all the while, 99% of government technology projects fail. This has to change. And it's starting to. A marketplace of new govtech startups is emerging, eager to change the way government works, using principles of the modern web: open, collaborative, and an ethos of constant improvement. To get into this market, however, either as a government or a company, is hard. That's where EthosLabs come in. We help governments understand and engage this marketplace and educate startups on which innovative governments are looking for new, creative solutions.

What Do We Do

  • Consulting: Bring in outside expertise with a national perspective to build your innovation program or business.
  • Connections: Talk to your peers, share your learnings and challenges, and avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Resources & Tools: Jumpstart your work by taking advantage of proven tools and resources from across the country.

Who We Are

EthosLabs was founded and is run by Abhi Nemani, as a loosely networked company with advisors, experts, and practitioners available for support as needed.

Abhi Nemani has worked for or with local government for over 10 years, focusing on how technology can change the way our public institutions work. He helped build, launch, and run, the national nonprofit Code for America. He then was appointed as the City of Los Angeles' inaugural Chief Data Officer. Currently he serves as the City of Sacramento's Chief Innovation Officer, as a pilot of EthosLabs. Abhi is also on the board of the OpenGov Foundation and Data4America. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Forbes, and he has been a featured speaker at the World Bank, SXSW, and numerous conferences and universities around the world. He graduated magna cum laude with honors in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Claremont McKenna College.